All Diamond Way sangha members are welcome at Nagodzice at any time. Everybody can feel the special atmosphere of the place. Despite construction works, there are already perfect conditions for meditation. You can simply spend some time with us, enjoy the spectacular view and enjoy being with your sangha.

Before you come please make sure that:

  • You let us know you’re coming, by phone or email us at
  • Take your sleeping bag, slippers and other personal stuff
  • Don’t take your animals or food
  • We prepare common food for all residents and guests

Parents with children

In Nagodzice, our goal is to create excellent conditions for meditation. The center is still under construction, and the space we are sharing makes it impossible for us to host families with children. There is an option, however, to come with your own camping trailer or a tent.

All guests (apart from retreatants) are involved in the center work.

  • 4 euro per night
  • 3 euro per meal (breakfast, lunch, dinner)

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