In 1996 we began searching for a place in South-Western Poland, which would enable practicing Buddhist teachings in a distance to the city hustle and bustle, amidst beautiful and picturesque heights of the Sudety mountains. We finally managed to purchase land in the Nagodzice village, near the town of Mędzylesie on the Czech border.
A year later Lama Ole Nydahl with his wife Hannah visited us for the first time. At the top of the hill, which now also belongs to us, he made a wish that the beautiful meadows surrounded by forests also became ours one day. It was not an easy task to accomplish, however. After six years of negotiations with the owner, Nagodzice finally achieved its current size of 52 hectares.

Since 2004 we have been organizing summer meditation courses with Diamond Way teachers, where Buddhist from all over the world met and meditated in the wilderness. Around that time a vison emerged that a center is needed, and architects begun their planning work.

In 2005 Lama Ole Nydahl visited Nagodzice for the second time. Five years later, we managed to build the road and lay foundations for the two buildings. In 2011the gompa building was erected, which for the time being served as the center. That year lama Ole also blessed it with his presence and filled us with inspiration to continue the work.

In 2012 we build the main building, and until 2013 continued external works as well as electrical installations, piping, plastering, flooring, we fitted windows, connected the two buildings, provided insulation etc. In November 2013, despite continuing construction works, residents could relocate into the main building. Currently, there are about ten permanent residents from Poland and Czech Republic.

In spring 2015 we also started constructing four retreat houses.

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